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Hello There

I’m Sylvahna & welcome to my happy place

Ever since I had experienced my first ever high-end luxury piece I fell in love with it. Then I mean luxury travel destinations as well as luxury fashion pieces (hello new designer bag!)

I’m devoted to travel the world parttime, because I have an amazing business in career coaching that I’m managing besides my travels.

Soon: London!

Some more info about me

Let me tell you some facts about me

Always planning my next trip
I love to travel and explore new places, it makes me oh, so happy to (be able to) do this. I also am pretty much always looking for my next trip. Looking very much forward to my next trip.

What Can You Expect To Find?

On Maps & Suitcases I’m blogging about: 

My travel destinations and what you can expect in that area is mostly luxury hotels, travel tips and destination guides.

What Shall I Do Next?

Destinations you want to see? Let me know about it!