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Best restaurants in Antwerp

During my four days in Antwerp, I’ve checked out all the best restaurants for you. Make sure to check them out during your stay in Antwerp. There are fancy ones and not so fancy ones, so there is something for every day.

The Jane

The Jane is a 2 star Michelin restaurant located in a chapel. Be prepared to stay here all night and enjoy every amazing dish and wine they prepare for you. Make sure to make your reservation way in advance, otherwise they will be fully booked!

We got the menu with all the courses on them when we first sat down and they told us that we could take it with us if we wanted, but we forgot! Such a shame. What I can tell you though is that we started with a glass of Krug Champagne and we had 10 courses with a lot of fish, good thing that I LOVE fish. I believe the photo’s say it all:

Brasserie Appelmans

Brasserie Appelmans is a good restaurant located in the center of Antwerp. You get into a really cute small street for the entrance. It’s decorated really nicely with a lot of bricks and plants. Their cuisine is simple, but really tasty! Next to the Brasserie Appelmans you have the Absinthbar, which is a cocktailbar located in the same space as the restaurant.

In de Balans

“In de Balans” is a luxury dining restaurant located near the Grote Markt. The name translates to In the Balance. Such a good place for luxury dining. We chose the six course surprise menu with pairing wines and added the choice of caviar and truffle. It was truly amazing!

During our dinner here I only made video’s and no photo’s. The video’s will be shared in my Instagram highlight about Antwerp and maybe I’ll even create a reel about it. It was truly an amazing treat!

Le pristine

The service here was absolutely amazing. We actually didn’t really have dinner here, and we were definitely sad about that! We went here two times (imagine how good!). The first time we just had a glass of wine and the second time we ordered a bottle of wine and also a small snack to share, which was a delicious focaccia with different kinds of fish.

The only reason we didn’t decide to eat here, was just because we already had reservations elsewhere. Next time we will definitely stay for dinner here!

Still not sure if Antwerp is worth a visit? Read my other blog post why you should definitely go (if these amazing restaurants haven’t convinced you yet).

Which restaurant would you definitely choose to eat at?

Xoxo Sylvahna

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