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Best restaurants in Los Angeles

For me, good restaurants are important when I travel. So I start investigating restaurants in a very early stage before I leave for my trip. What is good and where should I definitely stay away from? In this article you will find the very best restaurants in Los Angeles that I have experienced during my stay in this beautiful city.


Yamashiro LA definitely made it to this list. Although my mouth was on fire after those Wagyu Gyoza’s (bad idea if you can’t really handle spicy), I was in love the whole time I was there. I mean, that view, ladies & gentlemen, just wow! It also was amazingly decorated and the Yamashiro Roll I had after those gyoza’s was so good, that I ordered it for a second time!

Make sure to check out my Instagram today, as there will be a reel going up about Yamashiro LA today!


Not exactly LA, but pretty close and pretty amazing: Malibu. Not if, but WHEN you go to Malibu, please make sure to visit Geoffrey’s, because it’s just amazing. The view (again) is GORGEOUS! The food was delicious and I didn’t even mention the dessert yet, omg. A mix of creme brûlée and chocolate mousse? I could’ve eaten three of those!


Ocean Prime

These guys were the first ones who amazed me in Los Angeles. That cocktail? Amazing. More dry ice? Yes please! Oysters? Delicious! Linguine with lobster? Wow. Just wow!


71 Above

71 Above definitely was an amazing experience. It’s located in Downtown at the 71st floor. Skyhigh! You have to take two elevators to get there and we came in at just the right moment: sunset. Wow!

I celebrated my 35th birthday here and we got a seat at the window. I think people wished me a happy birthday for about 5 times. They really made me feel special.

They have a menu where you can choose a dish for each course. We chose the three-courses and of course I had the wine pairing with it.

We had the best time and I’m really happy that I chose to celebrate my birthday at 71 Above.

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Which restaurant would you go to?

Xoxo Sylvahna

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