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Best Travel Guide For Paris

Like you may have spotted (I feel so Gossip Girl right now) on my “Traveling Soon”-page or on Instagram, I had a trip planned to Paris. And I can tell you a LOT about Paris. Not only have I traveled there for over 20 times, I also used to live there for several months. So I know a thing or two 🙂 So I’ve written the best travel guide for Paris. But this trip to Paris was a little longer than my usual trips. I was there for 10 days. Also we went there to celebrate my sisters birthday (who still lives in my previous apartment in Paris) and so my mother and her boyfriend came with us for the first weekend of the trip.

First thing I did when I arrived

Of course the very first thing was traveling with the subway to the apartment, which takes about 10 minutes. So when arriving on Gare du Nord, it’s not that long to the apartment. I’m guessing though that you don’t have an apartment in Paris, so take a look at some of the hotels in Paris for your trip. But the very first thing I did was going to the hairdresser. And yes, I am serious. I went to this hairdresser when I lived there and each time that I visit I go there. Because nobody can do my hair like she can, so.. If you’re looking for a hairdresser in Paris, go to Jean Marc Joubert in the 1st arrondissement at Rue Étienne Marcel.

Restaurants & Bars

I’ll share some of my favourite restaurants & bars that I know in Paris.

Cinq mars

Cinq Mars is a lovely small French restaurant in the 7th, pretty near to the Eiffel Tower. Our walk over there was like the walk of hell, because it was raining so damn hard. I can really recommend the steak and if you have room for dessert, definitely go for the chocolate mousse, because it’s amazing! But just order 1 for 2 people, because it’s a lot.

A Braccetto

You guys, I’m telling you. Do not skip this place! Their pasta carbonara is the real deal. It’s created the official way how the Italians are making their carbonara. And after that: Pavlova. It’s the best pavlova that I’ve ever had and I’m not exaggerating. Seriously go here!

Le Paradis

Instagrammable spot all the way! Normally when a place in Paris looks like this, the service and the drinks/food is horrible. But this place has lovely people working there and besides that also great cocktails. I don’t know about the food, because I haven’t eaten anything here (yet), but for the decor and cocktails you’re in the right place!

Things you should definitely do when you’re in paris


You should definitely go to the Montmartre, because this place is so lovely! Next to the beautiful Sacré-Coeur (where you can get beautiful photo’s), you also have a gorgeous view over the city and I’m not even talking yet about Place du Tetre. I just love this square. All the painters who are live painting their paintings, I just love it. If you buy a painting in Paris, buy it here and not from somebody on the streets.

Walking route

Not for very long in Paris, but you do wish to see it all? Start your walking route at the Louvre towards the Eiffel Tower and within an hour you have seen the Louvre (on the outside of course), Jardin des Tuileries, Place de la Concorde, Petit Palais, Grand Palais, Pont du Alexandre, Musée de l’Armée and of course the Eiffel Tower.

Things that are not worth it

I hear a lot of people saying that seeing the Eiffel Tower feels disappointing, but I personally get chills every time I see it, so I think that’s a personal thing.

What I would skip if I was you during this time is the Notre Dame. Don’t get me wrong, because I love love love the Notre Dame, but since it’s being rebuild after the awful fire that went down a few years ago, you can’t see a lot of it. There is a small museum on that square about the history of the Eiffel Tower, but I didn’t really like that as well. So, skip the Notre Dame for now and come back around the end of 2024, because they think it will re-open around that time.

Best places to do your luxury shopping

There are a few places in Paris where I go when I want to do some luxury shopping.

Galeries lafayette

First: there are two locations. The one at Champs Elyssées is rather small, I would suggest you go to the large one, because it’s way better.

Avenue Montaigne

This place is just love. I feel so relaxed and at home when walking here. So this is definitely my first choice when I want to go shopping for luxury products. Also I love sitting at L’Avenue to drink champagne and eat oysters while I watch people outside. The last time we were here, we saw Mauricio from Buying Beverly Hills, haha.


This is a less known, but beautiful high fashion shopping mall. Very close to Pont Neuf and while it’s not my favorite.. It definitely deserves second place. It looks beautiful on the inside and also is way less crowded than Galeries Lafayette. They have a great restaurant at the top floor with some delicious cocktails and great meals. It was delicious!

Ready to book your Paris trip?


Have you been to Paris before? What did you love about it?

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