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Christmas vacation ideas

I know it’s just September, but the time to start thinking about Christmas vacation ideas is here! As a matter of fact, I already planned mine in late August. If you haven’t planned yours yet, not to worry. Because I’m here with some inspo and tips!

Christmas vacation ideas inspo

Let’s start with some inspo for amazing Christmas trips!


You probably have seen photo’s from this beautiful French town that brings you back to Beauty and the Beast vibes. Can’t recall? Here’s a photo to help you out!

This already is amazingly enchanting in summer. Just think about how this will look like during Christmas time. So, if you want a fairytale Christmas time, this is your trip!


London during Christmas, have you ever witnessed it? It’s so beautiful with all the lights and London is by itself already such a beautiful city, with so many things to do. But you have to imagine: in London it’s cold most of the year (except for the summer), so when they finally have something to celebrate. They WILL.

I’m just kidding, all of London will be beautifully decorated (Harrods will have a whole Christmas department). And London is my most favourite city when it comes to musicals. So, actually there’s always a reason for me to go to London!

New York

New York at Christmas time, am I the only one who really wants to experience this someday? Probably not, haha. New York has been on my travel wishlist, like, forever. And how amazing would that be at Christmas?

I think we’ve all seen Gossip Girl and wishing we were in Blair Waldorf’s shoes, or should I say Louboutins? At least I know I did. There’s just something about this place that makes me dream and dream. I actually wanted to go there this Christmas, but unfortunately it’s not happening this year (I’m going to another exiting place). So Christmas in New York will be in 2024 for me. Make sure that you don’t have to wait that long!

Search your next Christmas trip


Christmas vacation tips

Book in time

Christmas is a very popular holiday to be celebrating elsewhere, so make sure you did your reservation in time!

Correct planning

Planning your trip correctly will save you a lot of stress while you’re there. Plan it out on your travel itinerary (I’ve made one that you can get for free!) or if you really want to do everything right, get my extensive planner here!

Let your family know

If somebody decides to call you on Christmas Day just to say Merry Christmas and they can’t reach and don’t know that you’re away on a trip, people will be worried when they don’t have to be. So let your family know that you’re on an amazing Christmas trip this year.

Buy some presents

Make it extra special by buying some presents that you can unpack at your destination, or ask the hotel to do something nice (for example: flowers on the room, bottle of champagne etc.)

What do you have planned this Christmas?

Xoxo Sylvahna

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  1. Susan Kayden
    September 13, 2023 / 10:00 am

    I went to NYC at Christmas time last year. Absolutely amazing!!! The Rockefeller Xmas tree, the Rockettes, the shop windows decorated so beautifully, you must go do this!🌲

    • September 13, 2023 / 11:53 am

      Oh, wow! How amazing that you did that! Are you going anywhere this year? I will definitely go to New York with Christmas next year!

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