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Hotel Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp – Luxury Hotel Review

The hotel that feels like a small town within Antwerp. Hotel Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp is a 5 star hotel located in the center of Antwerp. Within a walk of 5 minutes you’re at the luxury shops like Louis Vuitton and Chanel and within 10 minutes you’re on the Meir, which is Antwerp’s main shopping street. It was rated a 9,2 on Booking.com. I stayed for 3 nights from November 9th until November 12th.

Interior: 8/10

The interior was lovely and I can’t say otherwise. A lot of luxury light colours were used, but also so many plants and a lot of green because of that. The bar was more cozy and had more colours and I really liked that. Normally I would go for more colours, but this was definitely a good fit for this hotel. There is also a beautiful garden just outside of the hotel and a chapel inside the hotel that you just must visit when you’re there!

Spa & Wellness: 9/10

They had a lot of facilities, such as a really big pool, a whirlpool and a variety of sauna’s. They also had a small bistro overlooking the swimming pool with quite a large gym attached to it. There also were a lot of treatments to choose from, such as massages, but also facials and pedicures.

Room/comfort: 11/10

The level of comfort was truly amazing. We had booked the junior suite and had so many space in there. The bed was huge and so comfy! The pillows were great and I slept like an angel in that bed. There was also a couch and a coffee table where you can sit in the evenings to relax before you go to bed. The shower was like heaven and there’s so many space at the sink for all your stuff.

Service: 12/10

The amount of service that you receive here is incredible. It started the moment we stepped out of the taxi and it didn’t stop until we stepped in the taxi to drive home again. And I mean opening doors – every door there was. Except maybe the door to our room.

We arrived and immediately they took our suitcases and our names. We were escorted to the reception desk where you sit down and relax with a glass of Champagne and a macaron. The rooms weren’t ready yet, so we could just go and explore Antwerp. When we came back we went and picked up the key. They escorted us to the room where our luggage was already waiting and explained everything inside the room.

When we got back to the room during the day everything was cleaned up. The bed was made and our clothes were folded. When we then got back in the evening, the spread was of our bed folded, our bathrobes and slippers were ready for us, a bottle of water and a glass was at our nightstand and everything was ready for the night.

Each time we were walking through the hotel (no matter where we were) we were treated like VIP’s and they gave you the feeling like you’re the only one they’re doing all this for. Truly amazing!

Location: 10/10

The location was great. It was a quiet place in the city, but within minutes you are at the shopping streets and restaurants. Luxury shops were located at a maximum of 5 minutes walking distance. The Meir, which is the official shopping street with all the shops, is located at a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance. The Grote Markt is also 10/15 minutes.

Price: 9/10

I paid around € 1950 for 3 nights at Hotel Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp and it made me feel like a queen for 4 days. This is the price for 3 nights in a Junior Suite, but without breakfast. For breakfast we paid an additional € 60 per person per day, but I must say that I can clarify the price for that. It’s an amazing large breakfast buffet with a lot of good things, you can also order dishes a la carte without an additional fee and there’s Champagne available, which is the best!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall review: 9.5/10

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