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Luxury hotel in Amsterdam: Hotel De L’Europe

Are you still looking for a luxury hotel in Amsterdam? You can stop looking now. In the very middle of the city centre, on a serious A+ location, lies Hotel De L’Europe. Just minutes away from the shopping street Kalverstraat and the Flowers Market. About 10 minutes walking distance from the Rembrandt Square and about 20 minutes from the Leidse Square. As I mentioned, an epic location!

Luxury hotel in Amsterdam

5 Star Hotel at a 5 Star Location with a 2 Star Restaurant

Surrounded by so many stars, that you feel like you’re in heaven. Hotel De L’Europe is a 5 star hotel and belongs to The Leading Hotels of the World. The location is insane as it’s close by everything. As if that’s not enough, it’s also located alongside a canal and it has rooms that overlook the water. Oh, and did I mention that the hotel also has a 2 star Michelin restaurant?

Restaurants & Bars

Fine-dining restaurant Flore

Let’s jump right into that Michelin restaurant, shall we? Restaurant Flore has an intimate setting with only 11 tables (yes, which also means it’s fully booked pretty fast). Restaurant Flore doesn’t just have 2 Michelin stars, it also has a green Michelin star for its commitment to sustainability.

I’ve checked for you and they still have availability for a table of 4 persons for dinner at 18:45 for the upcoming days. But be quick! For the upcoming weeks it’s fully booked.

French Brasserie Marie

Perfect place to have lunch. And so I did, haha. I had a table right by the water. The best way to enjoy the earliest rays of sunlight in Amsterdam. The service was amazing. There wasn’t a moment that I had to wait too long or that I felt like they didn’t notice me.

But now let’s discuss the topic that I was really there for: the food and the wine.

I started with a glass of Champagne and some bread. The bread and the butter were delicious. The bread came straight out of the oven. I totally enjoyed it, but it was way too much. Especially because I was by myself. For two people it might be just enough.

Now can I take a moment for my main course? Because it was absolutely divine! I had the lamb and got it paired with a delicious red wine. Amateur incoming: I forgot the name of the wine. Such a shame! I wanted to ask it later, but I completely forgot. Good thing I’m not a food blogger, haha!

I’m totally going to dedicate a whole separate reel on Instagram to Brasserie Marie, because it definitely deserves that. Don’t skip Brasserie Marie when you’re here!

Italian Trattoria Graziella

Want to go for a more low-key dinner this evening? Then you must check out Graziella. I don’t know about you, but Italian is actually one of my favourite kitchens out there. Italian food is always a good idea!

Freddy’s Bar

Cocktail time! Go have a drink at Freddy’s bar to enjoy your evening, your drink as well as the view, because this also has a gorgeous view over the canal. It just doesn’t end!

Spa & Wellness

Every luxury hotel in Amsterdam has a Spa & Wellness (otherwise you aren’t a luxury hotel). Of course they have a spa & wellness available, consisting of:

  • Le Spa by Skins Institute
  • Pool
  • Gym

I had a pedicure while I was there and it was delightful! My summer feet are ready! So smooth and my summer colour is ready to rock it by the pool on my next travel destination!

Would you visit this luxury hotel in Amsterdam?

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