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Hotel Per La Los Angeles – Luxury Hotel Review

Hotel Per La is a 5 star hotel located in downtown Los Angeles. They became a Marriott hotel just recently. Before it became the gorgeous hotel that it is today, it was an Italian bank. You can still see that back in the design, so cool!

Interior: 9/10

The interior is so beautiful and full of color, which I love! You can already see the beauty of it when you step into the door. Before you enter the hotel lobby you’re passing a gorgeous hallway of mirrors. Every single time I walked through there, I was mesmerised.

There’s just so much detail in the design, so much color and the Italian bank details just keep showing up.

Restaurant: 8.5/10

Because the hotel used to be an Italian bank, everything has an Italian vibe. As well as the restaurant Per l’Ora! There was live music from a pianist and singer and lucky for us, they just had a new menu! They have pasta’s, but also fish and meat, for example Cod and Veal. I had the main lobster rigatoni (I’m a pasta and a lobster fan, so this was a no brainer for me) and it was absolutely delicious!

Rooftop: 9/10

When you arrive at the rooftop, you first walk through the bar to get to the swimming pool. At the swimming pool there’s a bed just waiting for you to get comfortable. They take your order right from your swimming pool bed, so you don’t have to order anything at the bar. Your drink gets delivered and there you are, just chilling at the swimming pool with your cocktail. Life is good!

Room/comfort: 9.5/10

We had a lot of space in our room. When entering you first arrive in a small hall (seriously!). Besides the bed (obviously) we also had a couch with a table and a beautiful bathtub(!) in the room. In the bathroom we had a beautiful sink and shower with amazing scented goodies for your hair and body.

The bed was absolutely the best bed that I’ve ever slept in!

Below you will find the reel that I made about the room:

Service: 8/10

The people at the front desk, restaurant and bars were super friendly and they helped you out with every request you might have. In the restaurant we even got a free dessert, because we had too wait too long for our dinner (it wasn’t even that long).

There were just a few tiny things that could’ve been better, but you hardly can do everything perfectly, right? These were things like handing me over the package at checkin that I was expecting at the hotel. Things like that. So, yes, tiny things. The big things were all great!

Location: 6/10

The hotel is located in downtown Los Angeles, which isn’t the best place in the city to be. We passed by a lot of homeless people in the neighbourhood, but you just have to know where to go and what places to avoid. The street where the hotel is located, is a pretty good street, but if you would go to the Grand Central Market I would take an Uber. We didn’t and it was a pretty scary trip, haha. If you go up the hill at Grand Central Market towards the Disney Concert Hall and The Broad you’re pretty much in the clear.

Price: 9/10

You pay such a good price for what you’re getting at hotel Per La. I paid $1590 for 5 nights which comes down to a $318 per night. Definitely not your average price at a 5 star hotel.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall review: 8.5/10

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