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Travel Guide Los Angeles

Back from our Los Angeles trip unfortunately. Sad that it had to end, but it’s coming with the opportunity to share everything I’ve experienced during those two weeks with you! Read my Travel Guide Los Angeles now!


During the time that we actually were in Los Angeles, we stayed at two different hotels in different parts of the city. The first week we stayed at Hotel Per La in downtown LA and the second week at the Chamberlain in West Hollywood. The review of Hotel Per La is already live (just click on the link for that), but the review of the Chamberlain isn’t yet. I will add it later.

Looking back, we actually didn’t spent a lot of time in Downtown and it also isn’t the best place to be in, because of all the homeless people that are on the streets there. It just doesn’t really give you a save feeling, which we definitely had in West Hollywood. We just did a couple of things in Downtown, so my recommendation is to look for a hotel in the West Hollywood area and just travel to Downtown a couple of times. That being said, Hotel Per La was an amazing hotel, just a poor location. If you’re a little like me, you could also just book 2 nights in Downtown at Hotel Per La to do your things in Downtown. Just a suggestion 🙂

Downtown activities

Since we’ve been talking about Downtown, let’s continue with the activities that we did there.

Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market is basically a foodhall with all different kinds of foods and drinks (also healthy choices available). We went there with the idea that we were going to try so many different foods and drinks, so that I could really tell you guys what was good and what wasn’t. In the end I’ve tasted three different things and after the third I was full, haha.

Angels Flight

After Grand Central Market you can take the Angels Flight to go up. It looks so cool and you must experience it one time. It only costs $1 per person and you pay upstairs. Paying by card is also possible. I just wanted to add that here, because it wasn’t clear to us.

Travel Guide Los Angeles

The Broad

When you arrive upstairs, it’s a short walk to The Broad. The Broad is an art museum, located near the Walt Disney Concert Hall. If you like modern art, then this is definitely a good museum to go to. They have a lot of different things showcased there. Admission is free, but you can pay extra for another exhibition.

I’m not a really big fan of modern art myself. Personally I like it better when there’s history involved. But there definitely were a few things that I liked. I loved the coloured lights (check out the reel on my Instagram) and being a big Michael Jackson fan, I also loved his porcelain statue, which was made in 1988.

So, those were the Downtown activities. We did all this in one day.

West Hollywood activities

West Hollywood was a totally different ballgame! Not that we had so much more activities going on. But it was actually fun to go outside and just walk around. So the activities that we did here, we did it more than once. And there were also a lot of activity including cocktails during the day, but we’re leaving that for a different paragraph 😉

Rodeo drive

Rodeo Drive was one of the things that was high on my list, so we went there pretty early on our trip. We loved it! Went to every luxury fashion brand store and they all made us feel so welcome. Totally not the same as in Paris or Amsterdam. We’ve been spending all day here and even went to dinner at Rodeo Drive, so literally an all day activity!

Travel Guide Los Angeles

Beverly Center

Beverly Center is a big shoppingmall that has it all. The high luxury brands, but also the normal stores like Forever 21, H&M and Zara. You can also get a drink (or lunch) with a hell of a view!

Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip was probably my most favourite place of all. I mean, can I live there please? There’s always such a good vibe and just so many places for a good drink or lunch (more about that later). I think we’ve been on the Sunset Strip for about 3 days. Ugh, I miss it!


We also did some day trips outside of Los Angeles. One was amazing and the other one was slightly disappointing.


OMG, I mean, have you seen my reel from the other day? I can’t even describe how beautiful it was in Malibu. I was just speechless that a place as beautiful as this could exist and it wasn’t all just photoshop on the pictures that I’ve seen.

Santa Monica

It totally wasn’t Santa Monica itself that made it so disappointing. But omg, it was so foggy, I couldn’t see a thing. The Santa Monica pier that I wanted to see? Not there. It was there, but I just couldn’t see it! Such a disappointing moment.

This was the best photo I got to take that day

Lunch spots

We’ve gotten to the food & drinks part, but we’re saving the very best for last. So first, lunch spots!

Met Her At A Bar

I mean, are you kidding me? The BEST and I mean the best, waffles I’ve ever had in my entire life. This was so so good! Usually, I’m the slow eater, but this time I beat my sister to it. It was just so delicious. A MUST TRY!

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccinomaker

Another one of the great places. I literally had art in my cappuccino. So good! And I had a simple yogurt with fruit, but also that was really delicious! We went back a second time for a mimosa (always a good idea) and a sea fruit omelet. That was, omg, literally everything I loved from the sea was in there. SO GOOD!!

Malibu farm

I can’t even remember what I had for lunch here. All I remember is that it was me, my cappuccino and that view. That was a sincerely happy moment right there. Later it was just me, my rosé and that view, haha!

The Hideaway

The Hideaway at Rodeo Drive wasn’t meant to be a lunch spot. We were just looking for a nice place to get a drink, but we ended up having lunch here. It’s a Mexican restaurant and they seriously had a button at the table that said “press for tequila”. Felt right at home, haha! I didn’t take any photo’s here, only video’s. So stay tuned on my Instagram for a reel!

Polo Lounge

There was definitely a reason that I planned having lunch at the Polo Lounge on my birthday. The Polo Lounge is located inside the Beverly Hills Hotel and I felt like I deserved to be treated as royalty on my birthday.

The royalty treatment was definitely there and the cocktail was amazing!

Restaurants & Cocktails

Last, but definitely NOT least: the best restaurants we had dinner at as well as the best places to get a cocktail. Sometimes these go hand in hand!

71 Above

Again, we have seen so many amazing spots that I can’t choose which one was the best, but this one definitely made it to the top of the list: 71 Above!

It was my birthday dinner and it’s located at the 71st floor! You seriously had to take 2 elevators to get there. But wow people, what a view! It was sunset time when we arrived, so seriously gorgeous! We had a window seat and that was amazing!

The cocktails and the food was also so so good! Definitely one of the best restaurants that I went to!

Geoffrey’s Malibu

Continuing with those breathtaking views.. Geoffrey’s Malibu. Their view is to die for! Let’s start with their cocktails. We started with a cocktail at the bar and they were great! They have a lot of signature cocktails and I love that!

For dinner we had a table with an amazing view and I went all out! Started with champagne and oysters, followed by a really good wine and scallops. I actually was so full after the main course, BUT they had 2 of my favourite standard desserts combined together. Chocolate mousse with a creme brûlée on top. I had to have that! And it was delicious!

Ocean Prime Beverly Hills

Also one of the best places that I’ve been to and it’s located right next to Rodeo Drive! I had an amazing cocktail with dry ice and I loved it! Also had the oysters here, which were 3 from the east coast and 3 from the west coast. The west coast were definitely the better ones. Just writing this, I’m thinking that I ate a lot of oysters in one week, haha.

After the oysters I had the tagliatelle with lobster and it was AMAZING. It was sooo much. Way to big of a portion for me, but I almost ate it all. Stay tuned for their reel on my Instagram account, because I only took one photo that evening and it was a photo from my cocktail, haha.


Having dinner at the Sunset Strip? YES PLEASE! I loved having dinner on the terrace, because I just love people watching.

We started with Barbie cocktails. Barbie cocktails? They both had a Barbie name and they were both pink and sweet, haha.

The food was delicious, the vibe was great. It was just a great night. If I had more time in LA I definitely would’ve gone back for a second night!


Nobu was amazing. I’ve never tasted sushi that good in my whole life. Let’s start with the cocktail I had, because it was great. It had won an award, actually. I’m not joking. You could definitely taste that in the cocktail.

The food was actually so amazing! That sushi was delicious, but the main courses were also super tasty. Definitely recommended!

That was my Travel Guide Los Angeles. Not everything is in here, because it just would be way too long. I’m also creating a Destination Guide Los Angeles. I will definitely put everything in there, because it has the space for it. But believe me when I say that I’ve put the very best in this Travel Guide!

When are you planning your trip to Los Angeles?

Xoxo Sylvahna

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