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Chamberlain Hotel West Hollywood CA – Luxury hotel review

Chamberlain Hotel West Hollywood CA is a 4 star hotel located in West Hollywood, very close to the Sunset Strip. It was rated 8,5 on Booking.com and an amazing location, that’s why I chose to book it. I stayed for 6 nights from October 5th until October 11th.

Interior: 7/10

When you enter the hotel lobby, the first thing you notice are beautiful velvet couches in the color green, which I love! I used to have a green velvet couch myself as well. I do have to say that I definitely missed some color after the hotel lobby. The hallways and room was mostly black and white and it could definitely use some more color.

Rooftop: 9/10

This was relaxation to the fullest. The beds were so large that you could lay there with 2 people (if you wanted to). The cocktails were delicious. But now, let’s talk about that view, because OMG. Now, I’m not somebody who can just lay all day at the beach or by the pool, but with this view I don’t necessarily have to leave either. It was just amazing.

Room/comfort: 9/10

Now, the decoration is something that could be better, like I mentioned earlier, BUT the room itself and the comfort it had, was amazing. It was a large room for starters, with a separate living part that also had a desk and a lot of closet space for a hotelroom. We had a balcony with a beautiful view! The only part that was missing was a place to sit on that balcony, but hey.. I was definitely happy! The bathroom had a lovely shower and what I really liked was a separate toilet from the bathroom. So, definitely a super comfortable room!


Service: 6/10

One of the reasons why I gave this a six is that they actually never greeted us when we walked into the lobby. And maybe I’m biased, because I used to work at a hotel reception myself, so I know what is expected in hotels like this. And greeting guests was the nr. 1 priority each and every day. We didn’t really get that. And another thing I found a little strange was that there was no housekeeping, except when it was upon request. I do have to say that the service from the guys at the pool was great.

Location: 10/10

The location was amazing. If you walked about 30 minutes to the left you were in Beverly Hills and if you walked just 5-10 minutes to the right you were at the Sunset Strip. So, this was definitely a 10 and also a really big reason why we chose to book the Chamberlain.

Price: 8/10

For 6 nights in the Premier Suite at the Chamberlain West Hollywood, we paid $2240. Which I think is a really good price if you look at the number of nights, the suite and the location. But at arrival we had to pay a deposit of $750 and I think that is a crazy amount for a deposit. But after checking out, we got the amount of what was left back pretty soon.

Rating: 4.5 out of 4.

Overall review: 7.5/10

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