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Most beautiful heels: Valentino vs. Louboutins

Currently I have two pairs of designer heels that I’m wearing equally as much. And I thought: “how fun would it be if we could just create a kind of contest between these heels?”, and so I created one! I own my Valentino heels longer than my Louboutins, but both of them have been on my feet now for at least six months. Let’s compare these most beautiful heels!


First I would like to have a moment about how beautiful these babies are. Both a design with spikes, yet both totally different. But seriously, those Louboutins spikes hurt, haha.


I really like how smooth the leather looks. The same model before this one was definitely more raw and I didn’t like that. These are so beautiful and so fancy. The “spikes” on this heel look very feminine and elegant. The heel is 11cm long.


Talking about making a statement. These heels scream “POWER WOMAN WALKING” and I love it! What I love about Louboutins in general are those red soles. To die for! But what I love about these models are the spikes, the lacquer and suede. The heel is 12cm long.

Ability to walk in them

I can walk in both of them all day, but I do have to say that the Louboutins are very tight at the toe-area and that can hurt after a while. With the Valentino’s I don’t have that at all.


The prices aren’t that different. These beautiful Louboutins costed me € 795 and are still available for that price on the official Louboutin website. The Valentino heels costed me € 850 at the time when I bought them, which was around August 2022. They’re now being sold for € 950 at the official Valentino website.

Winner: valentino or Louboutin?

So, which one is the winner? Valentino or Louboutin? If I’m very honest with you, I just can’t choose. They are both incredibly beautiful and make both a statement of their own. It just totally depends on the situation. Going out to diner? Then Valentino would win. Going to ask, no, demand a raise from your boss? Louboutins would win.

Which heels would you pick? Would you go for the Valentino’s? Or are you more a Louboutin kind of woman?

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Xoxo Sylvahna

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