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Tips when traveling to London

London is one of my favourite cities to visit in Europe. And actually a weekend is way too short to get all out of your visit, because it’s crazy how much it has to offer. You probably know the things like Big Ben etc., but today I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about things that will make you remember how awesome that was and the Big Ben (in my opinion) is not really going to do that for you.

The last time I visited London I was only there for the weekend, which is, like I said, way too short to see and do everything amazing that this city has to offer. But I will tell what I did do and boy, how amazing that was! A weekend for the books. Make sure to write these tips when traveling to London down to make the most out of your stay.

One aldwych hotel

First let me tell you something about the hotel, because this was seriously the most amazing hotel that I’ve ever been. I’ll definitely devote a whole other post as well about the One Aldwych, but I just can’t leave it out this article. I. Just. Can’t.

The room that we booked was the Superior Room with Kingsize Bed including breakfast, which was the smallest room they had, but it was seriously amazing. I have a full roomtour on my Instagram if you’re curious about it.

Let me just tell you: I have never experienced service in a hotel like this. Everybody I met in the hotel was willing to do everything for me. It was amazing. Like I said, I really have to write a whole blog post about this hotel, because it just deserves it. For real!


The first thing we did was walking to Harrods, because I just can’t NOT go to Harrods when I’m in London. On our walk we went through these typical London streets and I just LOVE it.

In Harrods I’m always a little girl on the playground. I love being here. While we were walking through the shoe department with a sign of “Shoe Heaven” – yes, sister! My eye caught something, something pink. I was drawn towards it. When I was coming closer the pink was visited with touches of gold. And then I see: Jimmy Choo Café. Say what?

You guys, this was the ultimate IG fotoshoot corner, I am telling you! I loved it!

Of course, after that, I went looking for more pink at Valentino.


So, I’m never leaving London without visiting at least one musical. In the past I’ve also visited Les Miserables and The Phantom Of The Opera. You just can’t compare a musical in London to anything else (except maybe New York, but that’s still on my list).

When we got back at the hotel we asked them about musicals and they seriously devoted a whole hour, if not more, to help us look for a musical for that evening. I actually knew deep in my heart where I wanted to go, since there was a theater across the street and it was playing The Lion King. But they only had some really expensive seats left, so I had to think about it. But in the end (after not much thought) I decided to buy those tickets and we went to see The Lion King. I’m telling you it’s still giving me chills just writing about it. I believe that I cried through 80% of the show. I’m such a crybaby!

But seriously: are you into musicals and are you going to London? Haven’t seen The Lion King? Then you HAVE to go!


After this amazing musical we went to a cocktailbar. It was just a 10 minute walk, so we walked of course. But did I mention that I was wearing my new Valentino heels for the first time. On the walk back to the hotel I was almost crying about how much it hurt, haha. Not the best idea to wear these the first time while walking 10 minutes to a cocktailbar. Not to worry, because I can wear them all day now and I’m fine. I work in these babies.

But that’s a whole other story! The cocktailbar we went to was The Alchemist and it was freaking amazing! Everything was in chemistry. The menu and even the bar looked like a laboratory. I got a popsicle and they made that with a bobble of dry ice that exploded in my drink. IT WAS SO AWESOME!

Charlie and the chocolate factory high tea

This was right next to the hotel and we just couldn’t skip it. Everything, literally everything, had a link to the movie. Even the scents of the tea. It was a lovely experience and it definitely wasn’t an average high tea. They walk you through the movie with everything you eat and drink (except maybe the champagne that I had to have, of course).

Camden town – peaky blinders

While I like those little shops they have inside Camden Town, it’s not one of my favourite places in London, BUT we had a very, very good reason to go there. Because we had tickets to the Peaky Blinder show, which was also in Camden Town. So we just decided to make a day out of it.

So, I’m just going to skip this whole day and only talk about the Peaky Blinders show, because it was freaking amazing. OMG. We couldn’t film or make pictures inside, so I don’t have anything unfortunately, but this was an experience, I’m telling you! It was a 360-theater show as they call it and they make you part of the show. It was crazy and it seriously was like you were inside Peaky Blinders. They were no Cillian Murphy or Tom Hardy, but DAMN. That’s all I’m saying. And I got to dance with Arthur! Seriously, if you have a chance to go to this show, DO IT!

Hidden bar – Cellardoor

About 2 steps from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory High Tea and 5 steps from the entrance of the hotel, there was a hidden bar: CellarDoor. It’s a bar in a basement and it was tiny, but I loved it.

There was this Dragqueen DJ that was playing 90’s music (here for it!) and we really had a good time. But there was a group of young English girls and it was like we just walked into a reality series. They were so drunk, they couldn’t even stand anymore. Girl. I love my drinks as well, but your liver has to stay with you for the rest of your life. The moment she walked out up the stairs, she fell flat-faced on the floor. But anyway, they were kind of annoying, but everything else was great!

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Are you going to London soon? Which of these are you definitely going to do?

xoxo Sylvahna

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