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Travel planning for the rest of 2023

The date of today is August 25th and I would like to share my travel planning with you for the rest of 2023. I wanted to give you an idea what kind of content you can expect in these upcoming months. I will also write one for 2024, which will go live around December. Here we go!

September: Paris

The first thing I’m doing in September is leaving The Netherlands for fulltime living in Paris again, thankfully! I’ve been living in Paris since January, but for work I had to go back to The Netherlands and got to travel to Paris about one time each month. But in September I’m finally going back there. So you can expect a lot of Paris content!

October: Los Angeles

Actually the first day of this amazing trip starts at the last day of September, but because that’s only one day and 14 days in October, I’ve decided to scale it under October. LOS ANGELES! How long I’ve been looking forward to this trip, UNBELIEVABLE! The planning during this trip to Los Angeles:

  • Malibu
  • West Hollywood
  • Beverly Hills
  • Downtown L.A.
  • Santa Monica
  • Disneyland Anaheim

During this trip I’ll also be visiting 3 different hotels. I just couldn’t choose! And still there are hotels that are still in my mind where I want to go, but maybe for a next trip then! We’re going from Downtown L.A. to a hotel in West Hollywood and we end our trip in a hotel in Anaheim.

So expect a LOT of content from this trip!

November: Madrid

About 3 weeks after I’m back from my amazing Los Angeles trip, it’s already time for my next one: Madrid! I was really doubting between Madrid and Barcelona, because Barcelona also seems like an amazing city. Both are places that I’ve never been, but I’ve decided to go with Madrid, because I feel like you always see Barcelona everywhere and you don’t see Madrid that often. Besides that it seems like an amazing city and I also have found a gorgeous hotel!

December: ? & Strasbourg/Colmar

As of right now I only have a Christmas trip planned in December, which is AWESOME! But I actually made the deal with myself to leave a maximum of one month between my trips. So, this would actually make 1,5 months. I can’t break the deal that I’ve made with myself of course. So I’m still thinking about a trip in the beginning of December. Any thoughts?

Well, about my planned Christmas trip.. You probably know Strasbourg and Colmar with their designed houses like they’re coming straight out of Beauty and the Beast, right? Think about how that would look like during Christmas. ADORABLE RIGHT? That’s what I thought! I will do my very best to post that content before mid January, because then the festivities is out of most people’s minds, haha.

That’s my travel planning for the rest of 2023. Look out for the trips I have planned for 2024 in December.

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Where’s your next trip going?

Xoxo Sylvahna

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