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Looking for an unique hotel?

I know the feeling. You’re just tired of all those boring hotels and you want to stay in an unique hotel this time. I’ve made a list of 4 unique hotels around the world that have been on my bucket list and I wanted to share with you.

Giraffe Manor Nairobi

Waking up with giraffes? I mean, seriously? In Nairobi there’s an unique hotel to say the least: Giraffe Manor!

This hotel has been on my bucket list for a long long time now, but 2024 is going to be the year that I’m going to experience this amazing hotel. I can’t get over the fact how dreamy this place is. This looks like a movie, right?

All images belong to Giraffe Manor!

Manta – Pemba Island – East coast Africa

Omg this is surreal! This is like living in the ocean in the middle of it all, but without, like, your leg being chopped off by a shark. So it’s safe! I need to go here.

This all looks amazing and so beautiful. Perfect for a week of fully reloading yourself, because I don’t think that your internet will work very well here, haha. So this is a good one for all the workaholics among us. You just can’t work here, so you have to relax and don’t have a choice.

BTW this is a joke/assumption, so maybe they have an amazing wi-fi connection, haha.

All images belong to Manta – Pemba Island.

I mean, tell me this isn’t something that you would want, OMG!

The Villa – Casa Casuarina – Miami, Florida

Wow, there’s just Versace everywhere! I would like to stay in the biggest Versace room, please! There was a time that I was thinking about buying a set of coffee cups from Versace, but it was priced at €800,- so I quickly decided no, haha. But seriously, I LOVE Versace!

All images belong to The Villa – Casa Casuarina

Gianni Versace bought the villa in 1992. Versace then renovated the property for $32 million and it took about 3 years to finish it. Fans of Donatella? Her former room is now being rented out as the signature suite. The prices (for the signature suite) vary per night, but are on average about $1,000 per night.

More information about The Villa – Casa Casuarina

Kakslauttanen Arctic resort – Lapland, Finland

I mean, who doesn’t want to stay in an iglo in Lapland like this? A big iglo with your own sauna, I mean? Watching the northern lights, because your roof are all windows? OMG!

All images belong to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

The prices for a full week are from €3276 in February. The iglo on the second photo is priced at €6078 for a full week.

Definitely booking this as well for 2024. My list is getting way too long for 2024 though, haha!

More info on Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Which hotel are you definitely booking?

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Xoxo Sylvahna

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