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The 9 most unique hotels Los Angeles

Sadly I’m almost back from my trip to Los Angeles, but I’m still enjoying my last days to the fullest. In this blog post I want to take you with me to the time before we left and were in our search of unique hotels. Normal people would probably just choose one, but because we’re not normal people, we’re insane and terribly at making decisions.. We chose to book 3 hotels in total. In this post I’m showing you all 9 hotels we were looking at and found for your next trip to Los Angeles. All of them have a minimum rating of 8.0!

Malibu Beach Inn

If I’m telling you that I was in love with this hotel the first time that I saw it.. I definitely wanted to book it. But unfortunately my travel partner is less crazy than me and she didn’t feel anything for booking a 4th hotel. Such a shame, because I so wanted to go here, OMG!

Check this out:

All images belong to Booking.com/Malibu Beach Inn

I mean, how could you NOT immediately fall in love with this?

Located: 2 minutes walk from the Malibu pier
Rating: 9.0

The West Hollywood Edition

I’m a big fan of the Edition hotels and this one had a very big chance for a booking. But unfortunately it was too expensive for all the plans I had for this trip. It was about $6,000 for one week, so that was a little bit outside my budget, haha.

All images belong to Booking.com/The West Hollywood Edition

How beautiful is this? There are so many more beautiful photo’s from the Edition hotel. The restaurant is also so pretty. If you’re curious: The West Hollywood Edition.

Located: West Sunset Boulevard
Rating: 8.4

Hollywood roosevelt

When I first saw the Hollywood Roosevelt it reminded me of old Hollywood and I loved that.

All images belong to Booking.com/Hollywood Roosevelt

We almost booked this hotel, but another one won it from them at the last moment, because it fits my vibe and my blog better. That’s why I decided to let this one go.

Located: at the Hollywood Boulevard
Rating: 8.2

Petit ermitage

This hotel gave me so many mixed feelings! The first time I saw pictures, I was like “Oh wow!”, but then I started reading and it gave me weird vibes. Not really weird weird, but more like the mystery.. Like, what’s going on here?

All images belong to Booking.com/Petit Ermitage

So I would totally be open to visit this hotel one day, but maybe when we come back to L.A. for a second time when we know everything a little better? Haha.

I’m going to let you decide: Petit Ermitage

Located: Cynthia Street
Rating: 8.1

Pendry west hollywood

I mean, this also was a budget thing. If this would be inside the budget, I would have booked it RIGHT AWAY. How gorgeous is this hotel?

All images belong to Booking.com/Pendry West Hollywood

Don’t you just want to book this right away? Look at the colors, they’re just beautiful! I am so in love with the combination of dark blue and gold. Go see more of Pendry West Hollywood!

Location: Sunset Boulevard
Rating: 9.0

Hotel Per La

This was our first hotel in L.A. and I’m not going to review it here, I’ve devoted a whole blog post to the review of this hotel. Here I’m telling you why we booked it.

So, I was looking for a hotel that really matched my vibe and my style. This was definitely one of them. I also saw one that wasn’t really my vibe and style, so you will see the difference there.

All images belong to Hotel Per La

I love colours, I love extraordinary things. I don’t like standard. I don’t like when there’s no colour. Check out more of Hotel Per La.

Location: South Olive Street
Rating: 8.7

Cara hotel

So, this was one of the hotels that didn’t do a lot for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty hotel. But for me there are definitely bright colours missing here.

All images belong to the Cara Hotel

Do you see what I mean? Very little colour, but very bright and airy. If that’s your style, then this is your hotel. But if your style is like mine, then this maybe isn’t the best one. See for more information the Cara Hotel.

Location: N Western Ave
Rating: Unfortunately not on Booking.com, so no available rating

Chamberlain west Hollywood

This was our second hotel, that we also left at this point. We’re off to our third hotel already!

All images belong to Booking.com/Chamberlain West Hollywood

More information about Chamberlain.

Location: Westmount Drive
Rating: 8.4

Proper hotel downtown L.A.

The Proper Hotel Downtown L.A. was in the same area as some of the others that were amazing and definitely my style, but unfortunately out of the budget.

All images belong to Booking.com/Proper Hotel Downtown L.A.

Gorgeous hotel! But I didn’t think the price was worth what I’ve seen in the pictures. That’s my personal opinion of course. For this price I would choose the Penury West Hollywood hotel a 1000 times before booking this one.

But as I said.. My personal opinion. Is Proper Hotel Downtown L.A. definitely your cup of tea? Then you should check it out.

Location: South Broadway
Rating: 8.8

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click through & make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

What hotel would you choose to book for your L.A. trip?

Xoxo Sylvahna

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