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Dine in Amsterdam: Zum Barbarossa

In the very middle of the city centre of Amsterdam, somewhere on the corner between Leidse Square and Rembrandt Square (give or take), there’s this hidden gem: Zum Barbarossa. You wouldn’t know it was here if you would pass by, because it just looks like some pretty tiles on the wall. But it’s definitely here.

Zum Barbarossa is the mixture of the excellent food of the Seafoodbar that’s right around the corner, but with attitude, style and cosiness. It’s such a sexy place. And you do want to go here if you’re looking for a great place to dine in Amsterdam.

Zum Barbarossa Style

I am loving the style and the vibe Zum Barbarossa gives us. It has brown/red colours that really give of a cozy and sexy vibe. It really is very small and therefor not a lot of people fit in it, which makes it super cozy and more like a large family room. I love the style of the bathroom as well (can’t be just me that always hopes for beautiful bathrooms, right?)

They also have a DJ-booth on the side inside the restaurant, where we were sitting right next to. Like I said, it totally feels like a small party at someones house.

Our ordered Food & Drinks

We started with a Pornstar Martini (we’re also known as the cocktail girlies). You can see 3 of them and number 4 was a Gin & Tonic. We had it together with some bread with butter and some Calamari to start with. I love love love their Calamari!

But the real treat came after that! Fruits de Mer with oysters? Yes please!! Of course we paired this with a glass of Champagne. You just have to. For those that aren’t a fan of the shellfish, they also have other kinds of fish like salmon and cod, which is also very good!

Of course, I had to end this night with an Espresso Martini.

Totally recommended to dine at Zum Barbarossa when you’re in Amsterdam.
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Xoxo Sylvahna

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